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Melanie Bomar: Guestbook

John Dean

April 28, 2012

WOW! You rock. . . Keep on singing cause it reaches the heart.

Lorraine Cruz

June 29, 2011

I talked with my Pastor Barry Griffen, about you maybe visiting our church, Please call him and talk to Dee , shes the church secretary, at 310-542-6961, to arange a time to speak to him, he sounded interested, please call him.

Lorraine Cruz

June 3, 2011

My church is Jubilee fellowship,18015 Prairie ave.Torrance,ca.90504 (310)542-6961-fax (310)542-3814
Rev.Barry & JoAnne Griffing,Pastors
It would be nice if you sang at our church,but it wouldn't be up to me ,The pastors would have to be notified,or the church secretary.who is DE Keller.
Hope to see you soon,I will try to make it to the event
on june 11th,So Take care and God Bless You both!!!

Lorraine Cruz

May 22, 2011

I enjoyed your Music, and you have a Beautiful voice, I was at the Matsuri Of faith & Praise Festival, at the Faith United Methodst Church, I bought your CD, and we talked a little, My Husband and I and Friends would like to know when you will be singing again,in other places, We go To Jubilee Fellowship, in Torrance, I wish you could sing at our church, That would be so nice, We enjoyed it Sat, on May 21st hope to see you again real soon. Take Care And God Bless You.

Paul Stan (Stanulonis)

October 25, 2010

I really think you will like some of my music.
You can't hear it on somebody tapped in and took over my listening section with rap!! LOL
Your music is nicely put together and definitely easy listening!
Where do you reside? I live about a mile away from St John's, at 10939 Palms Blvd.


August 31, 2010

Hello Melanie! Had listened your "A lot more" on Girls rock radio and could not find any lyrics of it. Can you help me find it?

Eric Bridges

November 21, 2009

Hey, I checked out the website and some of your music. Thanks for the free t-shirt!

-Eric (and indirectly Habitat for Humanity)

Lisa Poff

August 10, 2009

Good for Extra and the fantastic plug! Makes me miss the place--at least miss you and our healthy walks to get pizza. Must do a first Friday soon and talk Steph into another girl's night!


July 16, 2009

Enjoyed your video and the music. Glad you are still doing your music. Hope to hear you on the radio some day.

Kay (Harrell) Brooks

July 9, 2009

Hey Melanie!

WOW! I am very impressed and glad to see your success. I am also glad to see that Aaron Rawls attributes some of your success to all of that calculus homework!

Lori G.Bomar Watson

July 8, 2009

I liked what I heard. Good Luck!!

Leesa Severyn

July 6, 2009

AWESOME! I'm very impressed!

Melanie Abrams

July 4, 2009

Mel, congrats! Your video is great, you sound and look brilliant! Thanks for sharing your talent with me and I so hope to be able to play the drums as well as you one day!
Love, the other Melanie! haha

Maki Y

July 4, 2009

Hey Mel:)
Just saw the video and its so nice.
I like it!


July 3, 2009

This is 3 year-old Isadora (Carol's little cousin). Here is a transcription of her message ;-)

This is Isadora with letter "I" and happy faces. I really liked your song and your video.
I want to see you play. Do you do shows for babies? (LOL, I am really transcribing it).

With Sparkly sprinkles of ice cream,
Isadora and Julie

Kristina Cordasco

June 29, 2009

Congrats Melanie!

Tori Lund

June 28, 2009

I am so proud of you! You are such an inspiration to me! I love the urban-earthy vibe going on in your Envy video! Keep doing what you're doing!

Lettie Dozier

June 21, 2009

spoke with your mom last night and she told me about your web page! enjoyed the video of your street singing!!! do you remember me (Dot's friend) saw you last at Sandra's birthday party in Hickory.let us know wen you will be on Extra, will record it for your mom.


June 21, 2009

Yeah Mel! Awesome music!

Kelsey Pecsek

June 19, 2009

I am so proud to hear of your upcoming success on EXTRA! I have told EVERYONE at work about it, and am SO excited that I get to see my big sis accomplish her dreams. I am so proud that you are so determined and strong-willed. I love you! Good job, good luck, and well wishes!

Love ya,
'Lil Sis


June 16, 2009

What a great video! I love Envy, great song!
your new fan,



June 15, 2009

Love the video. You look so hot my friend!

Ginny + John

June 14, 2009

Congrats on the Envy video! Love ya.

Lanette Abraham-Duncan

May 12, 2009

I love your voice...You've got it all!

Toshiko & John Boyd

March 15, 2009

Melanie - This is really awesome. We can't wait to see the growth of your career! Congratulations.

tiffany Miller

March 14, 2009


Stephanie Chang-Fujitaki

January 6, 2009

Melanie - congratulations on your new album!! Of course we will be purchasing one! You look absolutely stunning!!
Best wishes for continued success!

Tonya (Holmes) Richards

December 19, 2008

Wow! I just checked out your new CD. Sounds great. But I gotta say, if i heard it with out knowing it was you I never would have guessed who was singing. (That maybe partly because the last we spoke was at the GB reunion, lol.) Hope all is well for you guys. Merry Chirstmas!


December 18, 2008

can't wait to get my copy !! now lets make some music videos :)


June 3, 2008

Just thought I would visit your page and say "Hi". It's an honor and a pleasure to be able to work with you. Here's to more great work in the future :-)



May 6, 2008

QeZ58c Hello! I'm Samuel Smith, i'm from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!


April 22, 2008

Hey Sugar Sweet, I just fell into this site and I love it. Love you, Mom


April 14, 2008

Your music is amazing.


March 19, 2008

Keep it up and it will pay off.

Margaret Norfleet

March 18, 2008

Really like your new songs. Look forward to the album coming out and being able to purchase it.
Keep up the good work.


December 11, 2007

Hey Mel! Your voice is choice! I'm obviously not a songwriter, but I love your singing.

Rich & Gypsy Sheldon

December 9, 2007

Hey Melanie & Scott,
Happy holidays! I couldn't get the songs to play on this computer... but it's great to see everything is going great for you two.

Phil Sheeran

December 8, 2007

Great site, cool songs!

Jill Coplan

December 7, 2007

Melanie & Scott: Just listened to your new song - it's great!
Congratulations! I hope to see you at your next concert.


August 29, 2007

Glad I was lucky enough to have you sing on our songs!

Damon mann

August 29, 2007

I am a friend of Doug Sparks, and I really like how Romance is Dead turned out. Great arrangement, along with strong vocals!


August 28, 2007

Hey Melanie,
Thanks for adding your amazing voice to our songs! I'm glad you are sharing them with your friends on your site.

Look forward to working together again!

Jim Eaton

August 6, 2007

I really enjoyed your show yesterday at the Airliner Club.

Gordon Martin

April 30, 2007

Mel, Great site! Congrats on everything. Best of luck with all your future endeavors.


December 11, 2006

You rock baby! Does not hurt that you are beautiful both inside and out too!

smiles to you and yours....


June 28, 2006

I met your mother and grandmother in the LasVegas airport yesterday. They were headed to LA to see you. I enjoyed visiting with them and I enjoyed your website. Keep on singing and playing.


May 5, 2006

hey! I just heard Envy with a friend. That song has been such a blessing in my life and so have you and Scott. I love you guys!

Sandy Old Mama of the greatest

April 23, 2006

I dearly love this web site and I dearly love you. Congratulations!

Craig Nogosek

April 3, 2006

Mel, love the site! Great to see you this weekend. Next time I'm in LA, I'm checking out a show!

Emily Brown

March 29, 2006

I am so excited for you. . .How did I not know you were on the west coast too. . Now I really have a reason to visit LA!!! I am so proud. . .Hope to see you Saturday. . .

March 23, 2006

Mel...this site rocks. Great tunes! Keep rockin' on girl! Greg Costello

Jennifer (Whitfield) Beagle

March 9, 2006

Hey Mel! Congratulation! Great Website! You always have been one to succeed in everything you do! See you at the reunion.

Aaron Rawls

February 24, 2006

Hey Meliane, Found your site in the reunion page congrats on the success it must have been all that gruelling homework Ms Harrell made us do for ten years. I'm living in Cali too, just up the coast.

Angela Ziegler Leary

February 20, 2006

Hey Mel! Saw your site on the GB reunion page. W0W - way to go! I had a feeling that out of all of us band geeks, you would acutually be making good music. Love that song "Broken Things."

Melinda (Woodall) Desler

February 19, 2006

Hey Melaine. I found your sight while checking out reunion information. Your sight as well as your music is amazing. Congratulations on everything!


February 6, 2006

Hey! Just want to say you're great!I will hopefully see you and Scott play in Irvine!

Carl Hall

January 29, 2006

Melanie, I stumbled upon your website while checking out the GB reunion site. Your music is great. Congrats on your success!

Jennifer Hughes

January 27, 2006

Hi Melanie. Your music rocks! I really like it--congrats on following your dreams and making them a reality. Hope to see you at the reunion.

January 25, 2006

Let me tell you....I love ENVY! I'm so proud of you. I listen to it everyday. I am happy that you are investing in you talents. I'll be praying for you always and I will always look for new songs! It's on my ipod...thanks for making a song that speaks so much about me and my battles! Love You=)

Kira (Hadden) Long

January 16, 2006

I just listened to a few of your songs and they are great! Being passionate about music, my daughter and I loved listening to your songs! Keep up the great work, and when the tour comes 'round here in VA let us know! We wanna be upfront!

January 16, 2006

Prevet Melanie - Saw your website from the reunion page. Had to drop a line to say hi. Sounds like your doing awesome out there in Cali! Hope to see you at the reunion...

Brandi (Cyr) Williams

Josh Farmer

January 14, 2006

I'm so glad to see you're still doing awesome! I'm glad music is taking off for you--it always was your heartbeat. I'd love to re-connect when you get the chance. Bless you guys! Talk with you soon!

Courtney Williams

January 8, 2006

You may not remember me, but I stumbled upon your site while researching our 10 year high school reunion...YIKES!! Your site it awesome, as is your music. It's awesome that you followed your passion and are livin' it up!! Take care!!


January 2, 2006

Hey! Can you put envy on the list of songs available! Pleaeeeeese!!!
I promise I'll buy the cd! Your music is amazing.


December 8, 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...oh wait! It's already midnight...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I left you a message. Hope your day was filled with fun and blessings. Love you!

Doris K. Dalton

November 23, 2005

Mel, I am impressed! The music is beautiful and your site is "splendiforous". Congratulations on striking out on your own--all my blessings.

Timothy Andrew Edwards

November 18, 2005

Wow! The music is great!

Keith Jokes

November 18, 2005

Rockin' site, Mel! Surfin' it while listening to "Not Tonight".

Jon Kelley

November 16, 2005

Hey Mel, congrats and cheers to continued success. the site is smooth and cool -- just like you... I dig the music and photos. Now I have to find time to get out and see you live. I look forward to watching your career blow up.

Tim B

November 14, 2005

The music is great and the website is cool. Congratulations Mel.


November 14, 2005

Cool site! Glad you and Scott are dream catching! All the best to you both from your Indiana pal!

Jessica Gonzales

November 14, 2005

Your Website Looks Great Mel!

Megan Jones

November 13, 2005

Mel- you're site is awesome, and I hope to catch one of your live gigs soon. Everyone should go!!!

Rebecca Cherman

November 13, 2005

I agree with Bryce, you're SO much better than Scott. :) You rock, and I love the songs I've heard so far.

Catherine Lee

November 13, 2005

Hey Mel! Your site looks great and I love that you are still playing and singing and doing your thing.

You are, as ever, the greatest!!!

Ron and Lois

November 13, 2005

We are not sure we should even comment since we feel so insignificant. WE hardly know what a web site Is and now we have a young friend who has one! WE both pray God's blessings on you and the success of your music.

Ron & Lois

Woody Bomar

November 12, 2005

You totally rock.
Great site. Congratulations.
Love you,

Anne Ragsdale

November 12, 2005

Wonderful web site. Love the music and wish you the very best.

Kelsey Pecsek

November 11, 2005

Hey Big Sis,
I love the new site. The graphics rule and I'm just LOVING the whole "retro yet country" look. It is very you! Great pics, and of course, as always, great music. You need to come home and visit. I love you sis!!!!
~'Lil Sis


November 11, 2005

Hey! It looks awesome! This comment thing is pretty cool...I mean I got power at my finger tips because I KNOW SOME STORIES INVOLVING THE BOMARS and I'll speak for money!!!
Kidding, I wish you the best and I'll visit the site even from the ship! God bless you Mel.

Ashlee Abrams

November 11, 2005

Mel, the site looks great! Congratulations!! :)

David Silberman

November 11, 2005

I WAS HERE, WOO HOOO! site looks great. I agree with that Bryce person, your music is way better then Scotts. I covered my bases, I said his was better then yours on his site so you'll both love me :)

Mama C.

November 11, 2005

You go girl. Blessings.

Adam Blaker

November 11, 2005

Love ya; mean it!!!

bryce ferguson

November 10, 2005

Hey mel! I love your music. Its the best. Better than scotts. Hehe. I can't wait for your cd to be released.