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Melanie Bomar: Press

Melanie Bomar Featured on EXTRA! (from Girls Rock Radio)

Girls Rock Radio listeners have been treated to Melanie Bomar’s new single “Envy” since the last batch of new music was added. Seems a lot of people are taking notice of this talented new addition to the GRR lineup. This just in from the Bomar news camp…

“We wanted to let everyone know that Melanie Bomar’s new music video, “Envy” will be featured on the entertainment news show “Extra” this Saturday, June 20th. The piece is in a segment of the show called “Music Mix” where they highlight a new Bruce Springsteen project, classical singer Farrell Smith from Britain’s Got Talent, Grammy winner Dave Zanes, and, of course, Mel. They show some clips from her video, talk about her new album, and even put her web address onscreen, which is great for helping viewers discover the music. Her part of the segment is about 25 seconds long, which is very good for TV time!”

Check listings for showtimes in your area, or consult the Extra “When It’s On” station locater.
- Girls Rock Radio (Jun 19, 2009)
Artist: Melanie Bomar
Title: Neither Slave Nor Free
Style: Singer Songwriter / Country / Roots Rock / Pop
Label: 4th And State Music
Rating: 8.8 out of 10
By C.W. Ross

Neither Slave Nor Free is the debut solo release from Melanie Bomar. Bomar, who is blessed with girl-next-door beauty, grew up in Virginia before moving to Nashville for her college years finally ending up on the west coast in Los Angeles. Besides being a singer and songwriter she also plays the piano, drums, and guitar.

Neither Slave Nor Free was recorded in both Nashville and Los Angeles being co-produced by Bomar along with Marty Rifkin (Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen), Rex Paul Schnelle (Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings) with additional help from Yohei Shikano, Doug Sparks, and Joe Milton.

You'll also find several guest musicians appearing on this release including, Matt Slocum (Sixpence None the Richer), Tammy Rogers (The Steel Drivers), Paul Duncan (Kepano Green and the Echo Division), and Jim Beus (The Buzzards).

Bomar's explanation of the meaning behind the releases title, Neither Slave Nor Free is, "...Even though we might be tied to our careers, our possessions, our responsibilities, or whatever, we aren't really slaves. But because we're tied to those things we aren't totally free, either."

What you'll find on this release is a mixture of roots rock, country, and pop music styles. While this is not a, 'Christian record,' there is a common theme of spirituality that runs throughout the entire release.

Here are some of Bomar's thoughts on that subject. "The songs I wrote for this record and the songs I chose from writers who've influenced me have a spiritual thread that weaves them all together." "...It's an accessible album for people who might not resonate with a particular institution or religious group, but who are searching for a deeper sense of meaning in life..."

Things get off to a good start thanks to track-1, "A Lot More," a roots-rock, country-sounding song that reminded me of a Martina McBride country/pop song. The song talks about living for more then to just gather earthly treasures.

Other highlight songs from the release include the bluegrass/gospel song, "Come On If You're Comin'," along with the gospel song "River of Jordan." That song is a cover of the one made famous by The Carter Family. The song is filled with fiddle and string work that will have your hands clapping and toe tapping along with each beat.

Everything gets wrapped up with the song, "I Own This Time." The melodic song talks about being in control of your own life, not letting other people tell you what you can, or cannot accomplish, in your life.

Neither Slave Nor Free offers up a lot of good music via the several different styles found on it. The music is tight, and Bomar's vocals make the songs soar with their, for the most part, hopeful lyrics.
Hello Melanie,
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Brian Ball - Womens Radio (May 14, 2009)